Pharmacy: Ethnopharmacology

About Us:
Pharmacy: Ethnopharmacology, a quarterly published peer-reviewed journal both in print and online, belongs to the ASC Journals. This journal brings to limelight the practices of indigenous regional medicines and its uses in medicines with scientific backup.

The journal publishes articles that explore opportunities to harness the potential resources and information available amongst indigenous populations on the medicinal use and value of plants, animals, fungi, microorganisms and minerals. Further research for finding potential scientific standardization like biological and pharmacological effects adopting established international conventions are also accepted for publications. Not stopping with plant-derived drugs, articles pertaining to documentation of indigenous medical knowledge in a scientific way is also encouraged for providing authenticated reference resources for advanced scientific research to identify pharmaceutically active principles. Thus this journal falls in line with the contemporary trend of ethnopharmaoclogical publication thereby an interdisciplinary approach.

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