International Journal of Nursing Research (IJNR)

WELCOME to International Journal of Nursing Research (IJNR) provides a forum for articles on all aspects of higher degree nursing education, research, and management. This peer-reviewed international Journal is concerned with the whole spectrum of skills, knowledge and attitudes utilised by practitioners in any setting where adults or children, and their families are experiencing critical illness. Further, it also supports to the research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery and other health related professions.

Aims and Scope
The journal particularly welcomes studies that aim to evaluate and understand complex health care interventions. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing methodological papers introducing or elaborating on analytic techniques, measures, and research methods. Additionally, Nursing in Health Care is covering any aspect of critical care nursing practice, research, education or management system.
Nursing in Health Care covers the diverse specialties of critical care nursing including surgery, paediatrics, medicine, obstetrics, accident, emergency, cardiac, renal, neurosciences, haematology and neonatal.

Papers published in the journal normally fall into one of the following categories:

Research reports
Literature reviews
Developments in practice, education or management
Reflections on practice

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